Features of the Arizer Solo

What is the product all about?

This is a vaporizer which aids in the smoking of weed to experienced people and is nothing but an e-smoking device just like the ones which are available for the tobacco. Let’s take a look at the features that the product has to provide. The first and the most attractive feature is that of the glass components that are used in the product. This is one of the must have feature in any vaporizer. Wondering why? Some of the other vaporizer brands make use of metal and plastics and this pollutes the vapor which you will take in. this does not happen with glass as it is inert and provides toxin free smoke. The most important parts which can lead to toxin emission are made of high quality glass. Another negativity which is prevented with the use of glass parts is that of bad taste from the smoke.

Can you control the temperature in this device?

This is one of the features which all the smokers will look for and you can be sure to get this in this Arizer Solo vaporizer. There is the advanced technology of precision temperature control and a small LCD display which shows the temperature at which the machine is operating.


Would you be too doped to shut the device off?

Well this is the case most of the times with most of the smokers and for this, the makers of the Arizer Solo reviews have provided the wonderful feature of an auto timer to shut off the machine. This is a very much needed feature without which a vaporizer is not complete. There are problems of the battery draining when this feature is not available. Another must have feature with this device is interchangeable mouthpieces. This will remove the worry of germs and infections spreading when the machine is used in groups. All you have to do is catch hold of your mouthpiece and use it while passing the machine around the circle. These pieces come with the vaporizer but you can also buy more of them separately from the online stores.  The heater in the device is made using ceramic and thus, is again natural without emitting any toxins to the smoker.

What is the positive aspect about this device?

People who have used other brand devices and shifted to this Arizer device have given thumbs up to this. They would prefer this over the previous ones they were using and this is more than enough to rely on this product. Thus, when asked a smoker about the product, he will vouch for it for having all the must needed features apart from the additional which the user may personally like and prefer. These products are easily available in the online stores and all you have to do is place an order and it will be delivered to your doorstep. There are other models of the device too and you can check them out if you want something to suit your personal style.